Diploma portfolio

Diploma Portfolio

These are the ten designs that I included in my Portfolio for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, which I completed in September 2003, seven years and seven days after my design course. While the Diploma can be gained after just two years of study, I found great value in the extended journey.

With the subsequent years of experience, I see things that I would change, and some that I didn't fully understand back then. That said, it is simply a snapshot in time, the journey of a permaculture apprentice and representative of my learning journey between 1996 and 2003.

If you are currently on the Diploma pathway yourself, or are considering signing up soon, I hope that you find some ideas and inspiration here. It's important to know though, that while a certain level of understanding has to be gained before being awarded the Diploma, not all portfolios are, or need to be, this extensive. The main purpose of doing the Diploma is simply to aid you in your learning process and to show to your peers both a good degree of competence as a permaculture designer and to share the insights you have gained on your journey. I wish you all the best on yours, and hope that you also have as much fun, and gain as many new friends, as I have been privileged to do. Click on an image below to read about any of the designs. Enjoy!

 My Life Path  Irish Mountain Garden  Cottage Garden  Steep Garden School Garden
My Life Path Irish Mountain Cottage Garden Steep Garden School garden
 Mobile Home Garden  Aikido Making Music Recording Studio  My Portfolio
Mobile Home Aikido Making Music Recording Studio My Portfolio

My full Portfolio also contains my learning pathway, how I met the accreditation criteria, details of my other actiivities
and additional full resolution versions of most of the documents provided online here, plus some sound clips.
It is available in the original HTML format on CDROM, providing you with the opportunity to interact with it
as it was originally designed and without the need for an internet connection.

 My Diploma portfolio online

You can order a copy here via PayPal
(£10 including P+P to anywhere in the UK)

Please contact me for cost of posting outside the UK or for other payment methods.