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Grow your own pea shoots

Having been introduced to this idea by two different people in the same week earlier this month, I thought I’d give it a go. Not much to say really, other than it’s easy to do and the pea shoots taste great. A no-brainer for winter flavour and nutrition. These few pictures tell the story:

Pea shoots close up

Who’d have thought that those dried up things would sprout back to life so easily. Isn’t nature amazing?

Dried peas

First the peas needed soaking overnight, then I spread them out on top of some old fruit punnets almost filled with compost. As the peas have all they need to grow, it can be any basic compost.

Sowing the peas

Having covered them with a thin layer of compost I put them in a light, warm spot – in this case a windowsill. It’s winter, but a week later the peas started showing signs of life…

Peas sprouting

Don’t forget to water them occasionally of course… Three weeks from sowing and they’re ready to eat! Cut them above the lowest leaf and they’ll sprout again.

Pea shoots ready to eat

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