Heathercombe Permaculture Design Course

31st October to 14th November 2020

Residential, with non-residential option

High Heathercombe Centre, Devon

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  • Aranya


    Completing his Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design in 2003, Aranya started teaching the following year. He discovered this made his heart sing, so he made it his main focus. Since 2004 he has taught over 90 two-week design courses, something he has no intention of stopping. He feels that it's a privilege to have the opportunity to teach "something that can make a real difference in all our lives".
    Aranya is also excited about new ways in which permaculture thinking can help us, developing new courses on using its principles to help us design for optimising our health and creating ethical livelihoods.
    In the spring of 2012 Permanent Publications published his first book 'Permaculture Design - a Step-by-Step Guide', which evolved from a set of design course worksheets. He also writes occasionally for magazines and from time to time shares interesting items on his blog. Aranya is currently writing a second book, about a subject he’s especially fascinated by, the application of systems thinking and patterns in permaculture design.
    ‘I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have been under the tutoring and guidance of such an inspiring and knowledgeable teacher as Aranya’  -Mel Chambers (Permaculture Design Certificate Graduate)
  • Klaudia van Gool

    Klaudia van Gool

    Klaudia has had an interest in growing things as long as she can remember and has incorporated Permaculture ideas for the last twenty, since accidentally picking up Bill Mollison's book in the library.
    In 2006 she completed the Sustainable Land Use and Permaculture Design Certificate at Ragmans Lane Farm with Patrick Whitefield followed by her Diploma in Permaculture Design in January 2009. Klaudia also has a degree in Environmental Science from University of Plymouth and has worked as an Environmental Business Services Adviser for the Groundwork Trust for eleven years.
    Klaudia has taught 31 PDCs to date. She has been increasingly drawn to the People Care ethic of permaculture, using the design framework, ethics and principles for personal and social designs.  When Looby MacNamara published her book People & Permaculture, she was privileged to teach the first People Care PDC (permaculture design course) with Looby and Stefan Geyer in 2012. Followed in 2013 by a week’s People Care Design immersion with Looby and Peter Cow.
    One of the original members of Thriving Ways, a collective of facilitators and designers dedicated to working with natural principles to create sustainable organisations, livelihoods and projects Klaudia has a wealth of experience to give.


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