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Heathercombe Spring Permaculture Design Course

Design Your Site with Permaculture

Over 40+ hours of video and activites with opportunities for 1-2-1 sessions with Aranya. Start whenever you like, progress at your own pace.
This course will teach anyone who wants to live a more sustainable life how to effectively design their home or garden and increase their personal resilience. Aranya uses his new home and garden as an example, taking you step-by-step through his own clear and structured design process. This course is for anyone wanting to use a permaculture approach to designing a site, whether it be a home garden, allotment, community garden, forest garden, market garden or smallholding.
Kents Summer Permaculture Design Course

Kents Permaculture Design Course

The Kents Collective is a collaborative permaculture project, a diverse group of people and animals living together in harmony with the land, a short distance from the coast at Bude. Living in community and food growing are both strong focuses. With a practical design element this course will empower you to use permaculture design and integrate it into your home and community. It brings the possibility of significant and positive life changes. Course participants will be awarded the internationally recognised British Permaculture Association Certificate in Permaculture Design 
90 hours over 2 weeks  (camping, glamping & non-residential option)
Introduction to Permaculture Design (4 days)

Introduction to Permaculture Design

This course covers the key principles of permaculture and how we can apply them in redesigning our homes and gardens to be both more sustainable and abundant. Permaculture is about working with nature to make a better world for us all. It offers us an approach that helps us to identify the best tools and techniques for each of our own unique circumstances.
4 days (non-residential with residential options)
Heathercombe Autumn Permaculture Design Course

Heathercombe Permaculture Design Course

Heathercombe is a wonderful place to spend two weeks learning permaculture. It's established forest garden demonstrates how permaculture thinking can help us meet our physical needs, even in such challenging landscapes as Dartmoor. The course also shares how the Centre has a strong emphasis on how permaculture thinking can be applied to the important subject of caring for ourselves and each other. Empowerment is the essence of this course. The main design activity helps to consolidate all of the learning to empower participants to take permaculture back into their own homes, lives and community.
90 hours over 2 weeks (residential with non-residential option)