A few garden related videos of various lengths.

Manual aquaponics


Everything is a gift

Observe and interact

How to make a liquid fertiliser aerobically

Siting a fruit tree

Planting a fruit tree

Mulching a fruit tree

Using a garden planner's sun compass

Garden planner's Sun compass

The garden planner's Sun compass

Compact, lightweight, waterproof, almost indestructible and no batteries to go flat...

When planning a garden, it's important to understand how the sunny and shady areas change over the course of a day, and across the year as a whole. The best way to do this is to observe the site for a whole year, ideally taking photographs as a record. However, in many situations we don't have that much time. This is where the Sun Compass can help - enabling us to work out these patterns, so we can locate our different design elements in the best locations.
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