Talks and interviews

This set of videos include talks at festivals and convergences and an interview with Maddy Harland from Permaculture Magazine about my book, Permaculture a step-by-step guide.

If you would like to see watch about permaculture and regenerative agriculture visit Learn Permaculture on Youtube

Permaculture Magazine Interview

Maddy Harland interviews me, asking what inspired me about permaculture and how I came to write my book Permaculture Design - a step by step guide.

Talk at the UK Permaculture Convergence

This 53 minute talk given in 2010 gives an introduction to natural patterns and their application in permaculture design, one of my favourite subjects.

Talk at the London Permaculture Festival

This 40 minute talk given in 2012 gives an overview of the permaculture design process, the basic pattern of what I cover in my book 'Permaculture Design - a step by step guide'. 

Talk at the UK Permaculture Diploma gathering

This 47 minute talk from November 2017 introduces the value of mapping flows and stocks in the design of resilient systems.